WW2 U.S. Replica Colt 45

WW2 U.S. Replica Colt 45

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A very good non firing example, nearly identical to the real M1911-A1 pistol and was manufactured by Japanese Company MGC ( Model Gun Co. ) in the early to late 1970s and distributed by RMI

Incredible replica with all moving parts and functional parts just like the original M1911-A1 pistols !

The barrel is plugged as this pistol was designed to fire blank cartridges and was used primarily as a movie prop

Please note that this gun was altered many years ago to stop the use of firing live blanks and is only used as a prop / film / drama use gun

The left side of the slide is stamped " M-1911A1-67 AUTOLOADING PISTOL CALIBER .45 US-ARMY MODEL"

The right side is stamped "JAPAN" 

Original finish is very good, research indicates these replica pistols are quite collectible and increasing in value

Right and left hand side grips have a crack ( see pictures ) but still solid, can be replaced with replica grips

Acts like the real thing, when you pull the slider back with the mag in, the slider will be in position ( pic 13 )

Strips just like the originals - the best quality replica WW2 U.S. Automatic replica

Signs of age / handling wear / use

Postage is included in the price

U.K only