WW2 U.S. Pineapple Hand Grenade

WW2 U.S. Pineapple Hand Grenade

Code: 11178


A very late 1944 genuine U.S. pineapple hand grenade

As a dealer we really did not want to part with this as the history is all there by looking and the state of this item

Serious collectors will know what i mean, the price is stated as per value and condition but the history does take over

This grenade was originally a practice grenade painted yellow, then in production converted into a live grenade and then painted to the U.S. Army green paint leaving the top band unpainted stating a live grenade hence no detail to the top spoon

Genuine Army green paint is remaining see pics with random dark patina with its makers stamp ( 1 and S ) on the segments

Random pitting in places as this was dropped at some point during battle and dug up 

Very well preserved and we was told this was dry stored for many years

Genuine fuse head with good thread, spoon and pull ring with patina

A very good with history as this grenade shows

Postage is included in the price

UK only