Early WW2 U.S Fragmentation MK11 Grenade

Early WW2 U.S Fragmentation MK11 Grenade

Code: 10941


Genuine Early WW2 U.S Pineapple Hand Grenade MK11

A very sort after and rare piece with screw to the bottom base

Well marked Body with 1 D 7 to the segments with C/W inert fuse head with mousetrap

To the top of the body still has traces of its yellow band paint with red paint just underneath, Army green paint has long gone to the segment base but has a very good dark brown patina

Sricker lever, pivot stud and spring still there normally missing with good long fuse,  outer spoon slightly bent/miss aligned but still very good

A very rare WW2 U.S hand grenade - collectors

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U.K only