WW1 British Mills No5 Hand Grenade

WW1 British Mills No5 Hand Grenade

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Genuine WW1 British Mills No5 Grenade

Recovered from Belguim WW1 Battlefield and is in good condition

Genuine inner parts - Spring and striker rod but no inner tube

Makers are ( C.A.V ) with clear No5 MK 1 stamp to the brass base plug, base plug has slight dents see pic 13 but only to the bottom, thread is perfect and works well

This is purely for display purposes as if the pin is pulled out it is a complete pain to re-fit the striker rod being that the inner tube is missing as it would of guided the rod to re-fit it to its original state

Re-painted, some slight pitting in areas but still a very good piece of history

This is the cheapest WW1 Mills Grenade We Have On Our Site, Priced £155

Postage is included in the price

UK only