WW2 German Third Reich Reichsnahrstand Enamel Sign

WW2 German Third Reich Reichsnahrstand Enamel Sign

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Third reich Reichsnahrstand ( Agricultural section of the N.S.D.A.P. ) Enamel sign. The white convexed sign with the black Reichsnahrstand motif of eagle over motto ( Blut and Boden )

De - faced under the ( Blut and Boden ), typically done after the war but at close inspection bearing the wheats design is still there, ( i have taken a couple of pictures in different lighting to show this image up )

To the lower section of the sign, the word Der Ortsbauernfuhrer, overall excellent condition 

Some slight chips and rusting, reverse in black finish with some surface rusting evident

Note : Formed in September 1933, the Reichsnahrstand had legal Authority over everyone involved in Agricultural production and distribution

The department was run by SS - Obergruppenfuhrer Walter Darre

This wall sign was on a head office of an area ( Gau ), which was run by an Ortsbauernfuhrer

Size 44 and a half cm x 34 and a half cm

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