WW2 German Photo Album  -  Memories of War

WW2 German Photo Album - Memories of War

Code: 11208


Genuine Photo's All Of German War-Time WW2 

Photo's include - Officers, Luftwaffe Army / Soldiers, Heer Army / Vehicles, Sports, Bombed buildings etc

There are roughly around 215 photo's, some are picture post cards, some photo's have in scription to the back and some have been pulled out a previous album leaving the grey backing from the paper album, some photo's have dates 1940,41,42,43 and 44

A very interesting album with a random selection of WW2- All German - Memories of War

Considering the slight corner damage ( see pic 4 ) this album is in very good original condition

Some photo's have slight creases, corner damage but this album does contain some rare ones

Almost complete book with 5 sides to the end incomplete so could be a project for some one to fill it

32 cm in length, 23 cm high

Postage is included in the price

UK only