WW2 German Next Person Number Stamper

WW2 German Next Person Number Stamper

Code: 10547


A ultra rare offical WW2 1941 Nazi German next number ink stamper

Excellent condition and fiully working with no faults to the gearing and is free from rust or damage

The handle is made of bakelite with no chips or cracks

Nazi eagle stamped to the side frame with serial number to the top front 28135

The gearing moves at ease with no faults and is fully working, numbers alternate as per each action is pushed down, with its original ink pad still in place and is easily accessible by un - screwing one single bolt type, please study pictures for this but its very straight forward, you can ad the ink very easy just by pushing down the device half way and the ink pad will be easily on show to ad the ink

A very rare and unusual piece of Nazi WW2 German history

Some slight pitting, but very minor to the body with almost all its genuine chrome plate complete

A very well looked after piece and in excellent condition

Postage is included in the price, U.K only