WW2 German MG15 Saddle Drum

WW2 German MG15 Saddle Drum

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WW2 German Nazi Luftwaffe Issued MG15 Machine Gun Saddle Drum Magazine or Trommel

Manufactured in 1941 by " WC41 " - Hasag , Hugo Schneider Ag, Meuselwitz plant, thuringia 1941

It has low matching serial numbers of 669 and is marked DT-15 ( Droppeltrommel 15 ) and bears the Luftwaffe ( German Airforce ) Acceptance stamp, the initials " FL " are an abbreviation for Fliegermaterial I.E. Aeronautical material and is found of Luftwaffe property

During WW2 the MG15 was used in nearly all Luftwaffe Aircraft

They were also used on ground converted MG15s and the MG34 in various rolls including Armed Vehicles and Tanks

The Trommel has a 75 round capacity for 7.92mm rounds

It is missing the carry strap and release catch, both of which could be reinstated

Excellent condition with clear numbers and date

A very good fine condition item

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