WW2 German Luftwaffe Gas mask and Canister

WW2 German Luftwaffe Gas mask and Canister

Code: 10301


Luftwaffe gas mask canister matching set both with the name H. Bartling to the underneath of the canister/gas mask strap and gas mask filter

The can has its original canvas pull cord to open the latch of the can

90% of its original paint remaining and all 3 strap lugs are there

The container holds a very rare genuine part that you really never see, its the rubber top lid seal, these are extremely rare and normally decayed/perished or lost, to the spare lens lid is a good makers stamp ( see pic ) with a WaA Stamp near it

Spare lens lid opens and closes with ease, this contains a set of spare inner lenses in their original wax paper packet retained in place by a spring wire retainer

The canister also has its original inner metal sleeve and so the canister is 100% complete with nothing missing or at any fault

Rubber on the mask is supple with no cracks and with all good straps

The filter is well marked and stamped also with a WaA stamp but the down fall is a thin hole that has rusted and the contents of the inside is falling out, i have taken a photogragh to show but it can be easily be fixed by emptying or sealing hence price

Purely both have been together from start of the manufacturing and till this day and dated 41 ( 1941 ) on gas mask and its filter

Postage is included in the price, U.K only