WW2 German Luftwaffe Gas mask and Canister

WW2 German Luftwaffe Gas mask and Canister

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M1938 Luftwaffe gas mask canister matching set both with the same name and rank number  

Containing a very rare early variant of the GM38 gask mask in green rubber with an original Fe37 filter

Also present is a set of spare lenses. This canister retains the vast majority of its green paint, it has a lovely patina to it, all hinges are in good order as is the pull locking catch which is marked frn42

The canister has been painted 207 in white to the top which are three digits from Flieger Schnieders serial number who had this set issued to him. Interestingly Flieger Schnieder has also painted his name in black paint to the bottom of the canister too

Inside the lid the spare lens compartment opens and closes crisply, this contains a set of spare inner lenses in their original wax paper packet retained in place by a spring wire retainer

The mask itself is beautifully WAa stamped and dated 1940, also the original owner painted his name Franke in white paint to its snout which was subsequently overpainted by Flieger Schnieder with his partial serial No.207, it is a medium size denoted by a number 2 moulded at the top, all the webbing harness is present as is the neck loop, the rubber is supple and in nice condition

The neck loop has had its keepers name tag stitched on, originally issued to Franke and the Schnieder, who has added his name and rank, Flieger, Aircraftsman 2nd class or private ! This is therefore Luftwaffe issue, as the canister remains green i believe that these troops were assigned to a ground combat unit

The inner of the canister is excellent condition retaining its inner metal sleeve, the gas mask filter is an Fe37 model and nicely ink stamped with WAa eagle and 41 dated

This is a fantastic Luftwaffe gas mask set doubly named. It is also very rare the green rubber GM38 variant, this set was found in France. This set is 100% genuine and is totally unmolested Luftwaffe gas mask set, the iconic bit of kit that every Luftwaffe soldier carried 

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