WW2 German Army Bakelite Carbide Trench Lantern

WW2 German Army Bakelite Carbide Trench Lantern

Code: 10130


This is very unusual and wonderfully represents the Germans use of Bakelite

A pre - war plastic forerunner that was most often encountered in field phones, fuse containers and MG 34 Butt stocks

This carbide hand lantern is constructed of 90% bakelite, it features three glass window panes, a concave mirror, 

an aluminium attachment hook for hanging that bears a clear Waffen marking ( WaA  )

Normally there would have been a aluminium shutter on the front of the lamp, however this is unfortunately missing

on this example hence the price

The lamp measures 11 inches in height

Beautifully constructed and well designed, this says a lot for German Manufacturing skills during a difficult time

Extremely rare

Both knobs are seized but some WD40 would probably free them

Postage is included in the price, U.K only