WW2 Genuine Lithuania Street Sign

WW2 Genuine Lithuania Street Sign

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A very rare good WW2 Lithuania street sign

The military occupation of Lithuania by Nazi Germany lasted from the German invasion of the Soviet Union on june 22th, 1941 to the end of the battle of Memel on January 28th, 1945

At first the Germans were welcomed as liberators from the repressive Soviet regime which occupied Lithuania prior to the German arrival

In hopes of re-establishing independence or regaining some autonomy, Lithuanians organised their provisional government

Soon the Lithuanian attitudes towards the Germans changed into passive resistance

By the end of August 1941, most jews in rural Lithuania had been shot

By november 1941, the germans had also massacred most of the jews who had been concentrated in ghettos in the larger cities

Lithuania is the southernmost of the baltic states

During the Holocaust, the Germans murdered about 90% of Lithuanian jews, one of the highest victim rates in Europe

Renamed just after WW2 to a different street name, you can see where this sign was originally placed on google

Dimensions are...

Hight 8 and a half inches

Length 24 and a quarter inches

Postage is included in the price, U.K only