WW1 German M16 Stick Grenade

WW1 German M16 Stick Grenade

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Genuine item that has been refurbished to its exact colour war head

All original with its wooden shaft with markings with its time delay, genuine pull cord and porcelain ball, the bottom base release cap very good

Complete still with its belt clip to the head

The original M15 grenade suffered from a design fault

The pull cord which activated the grenades fuse protruded from the base and could get caught in debris or clutter on the battlefields of WW1, causing the fuse to be ignited and the grenade to explode on the belt of an unaware infantryman

This resulted in the introduction of the Model 1916 ( M16 )

The wood i presume is slightly rotton to the top as its been secured with silicone sealer, but it is still stong and stable, - top war head does not unscrew

A very fine item that has actually been there

Postage is included in the price

UK only