WW2 British No36 Mills Practice Hand Grenade

WW2 British No36 Mills Practice Hand Grenade

Code: 10693


WW2 British Mills No36 Practice Grenade In Excellent Untouched Condition Dated 1945

Original white paint with signs of wear, this grenade has not had its pin taken out since the day it was made hence the paint around the moving parts still intact

A rare grenade that hasnt been touched since WW2 with genuine markings


As the grenade has never been messed with I.E. pull pin been pulled out for the inners to work causing any paint loss, there are strictly no returns on this item

The grenade is 100% genuine with genuine inner parts

I have only 9 left available now and there are the same as advertised as this one

Postage is included in the price, U.K only