WW2 British Mills No36 Grenade

WW2 British Mills No36 Grenade

Code: 10972


Ground found and all complete with original spring / stricker / lever and inner tube plus its gas plate check

A very genuine WW2 mills bomb that has actually been there

This tells a story itself, a grenade that has been ground dug up but still with its gas plate check attached

This is very unusual as all grenades before combat were stripped from the gas plate for quickness before battle

The only thing that this could possibly have happened is that there was a timing issue with attack, as a scramble to get the grenades out of its crate, as they did this as through sheer panic one was dropped / fell out its crate, hence this particular one that was left untouched and buried during WW2

Clear maker stmp " Y " to the grenade segment body

Gas plate and base plug are seized and dont undo / come apart

A very interesting item that holds its story

Postage is included in the price

U.K only