WW1 British No5 Grenade Trench Art Money Box

WW1 British No5 Grenade Trench Art Money Box

Code: 11121


Genuine rare item in mint condition

Segment body has no pitting with traces of its original black paint, the other parts that have paint loss have turned into a very dark patina, almost black and under the lever is its maker mark which is a ( J )

Original filler screw, striker pin, spring and inner tube

Excellent brass base plug with full mills patent dates

The base plug hole is bigger than the brass base cap, hence it does not screw in and keeps falling out, at close inspection to the other WW1 mills grenades, it appears that the soldier that altered the grenade intended to make probably a bigger cap

There is a slot in the front to push old pennies though

The grenade does stand/sits very well on its brass base cap, so it would be excellent for display

Its an absolute shame about the miss fortune of the ill fitting cap as if it did fit as it should this grenade would be on sale for £270

Please study the pictures very carefully as you will see that this grenade is faultless with no pitting

Postage is included in the price

UK only