WW1 British Mills No5 Hand Grenade

WW1 British Mills No5 Hand Grenade

Code: 11311


Genuine WW1 British Mills No5 Grenade

Recovered from Belguim WW1 Battlefield and is in good condition

Genuine inner parts - spring and striker rod but no inner tube

Makers are ( D.F. Co ) with clear No5 stamp with date 5/16 - May 1916 to the base plug

This is purely for display purposes as if the pin is pulled out it is a complete pain to re-fit the striker rod being that the inner tube is missing as it would of guided the rod to re-fit it to its original state

Re-painted, some slight pitting in areas but still a very good piece of history

This is the cheapest WW1 Mills Grenade we have on our site, priced at £155

Not many left available

Postage is included in the price

UK only