Michael Myers Halloween Kills Mask Rehaul

Michael Myers Halloween Kills Mask Rehaul

Code: 10843


Halloween Kills Michael Myers Mask, Trick Or Treat Studio's

This mask has been repainted on a genuine Trick Or Treat Studio mask, screen accuracy and professional paint work individually hand painted

Mixed with latex and acrylic paints as well as citadel paints plus a flexicoat paint to make sure that the paint does'nt crack when pulled to its limit

A very good detailed mask, don't be fooled with cheaper copy's as sellers advertise a expensive mask, pictures of the same quality as this one but you end up with a £14 mask that looks nothing like the one advertised

These pictures are taken from the actual mask that we are advertising

We have placed a black cloth over the mannequin head under the mask to make the eye piece stand out   ( Mannequin head and black cloth Not included )

Postage is included in the price, U.K only