MG42 Machine Gun Old Spec

MG42 Machine Gun Old Spec

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A very good MG42 ( shortened from german: Maschinengewehr 42, or Machine gun 42")

Used by the Waffen-SS designed to be low-cost and easy to build, the MG 42 proved to be highly reliable and easy to operate.

It is most notable for its very high cyclic rate for a gun using full power service catridges, averaging about 1,200 rounds per minute compared to around 850 for the MG 34

The MG 42 was adopted by several armed organizations after the war, and was both copied and built under licence

This MG 42 is a very good exmple , an old spec deactivation gun that has all the moving parts and inners, can be stripped and cocked but does noes dry fire


Comes with 50 rounds of inert bullets and tripod stand which folds up, optical firing scope complete with its optical storage box seen in pic 18, 19,20,21 and 30

A very good item for any militaria collector or re-anactment - missing its deactivation certificate but all the deac proof marks are there

This item will be delivered by me within 50 mile radius from Nottingham as an arranged date/day/time once payment has been made

I will also show you how to set everything up

U.K only