Kommando S.M.G. Old Spec With Silencer

Kommando S.M.G. Old Spec With Silencer

Code: 11426


Silenced 9mm Sub Machine Gun From South Africa

These are extremely rare and even more in old spec deactivation, made for special forces use - this particular S.M.G. is not fitted with the butt stock

Grip safety with Auto and semi switch that works, mag release - the mag is the same as the UZI S.M.G.

The gun is in excellent overall condition that can be stripped, cocked and dry fired

Plastic furniture is in near used mint condition with no cracks, which is unusual as these weapons always have a fault of the furniture cracking

Comes with its 1990 deactivation certificate and camo sling

No license required

Postage is included in the price

UK only