Full Working Marushin 9mm Uzi Plug Firing Replica

Full Working Marushin 9mm Uzi Plug Firing Replica

Code: 11400


Here we have an original, the best 1980s Marusin full metal replica used as a film prop

100% exact to the genuine Uzi also this gun is full metal construction apart from the furniture ( plastic ) as the same as the genuine ones, the gun is full size and same weight and comes with a metal folding stock

Plug fire, this is purely for reenactment and film use - as this method was more safe, 9mm brass casings which unscrew to fit a very powerfull cap, the brass cartridges are reusable and gave the same effect as a blanks

Selector switch works for Semi Auto / Full Auto and Safety and safety to back hand grip works

This gun has a a real good kick to it when fired and comes with 6 reusable cartridges, but can be purchased from plug fire websites

An extremely rare full metal smg Japanese gun as now there all ABS plastic made

You can see how the plug fire acts when fired on Youtube by putting in the search bar ( murisin plug fire uzi )

On purchasing this item we do require a picture/photo of your driving licence - this has to match your address for sending

Postage is included in the price

UK only